Fox Den - Vancouver Escorts
View Virtual Tour Welcome to Vancouver's 5‑Star, fully licensed adult entertainment getaway: The Fox Den. An elite gentlemen's club converging the opulence of year’s past with some of the most beautiful women you've ever seen.

Through our doors you'll encounter classic interior finishing matched by state-of-the-art touches like personal en-suite showers, individual climate controls and fantasy mirrored Las Vegas-style, state of the art custom built round massage tables, to name a few. And don’t forget the drinks are on us for the duration of your visit.

Our lovely ladies, known as Foxes, are here to ensure that your time with us is a unique experience. Dressed in beautiful lingerie, or possibly less, our elegant Foxes are truly breathtaking, and are one of the key reasons the legendary Fox brand is well known for promoting excellence in beauty, personality and individualized service.

The Fox Den is located close to MetroTown Shopping Centre in the heart of Burnaby, just a 20-minute drive from downtown Vancouver. And if you can’t get to us, we’ll gladly come to you: Outcalls are on The Fox Den menu!

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Your Visit
Our wonderful Foxes are just a phone call away. Simply contact our downtown Vancouver headquarters, choose your preferred Fox, and we’ll make sure the stage is set for your very own "Fox Hunt". And with the largest selection in North America, you are sure to be in sexy company and deep delight.

Happy Hunting!
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Hours may vary daily
Monday - Friday:
11 a.m. - 12 midnight
Saturday - Sunday:
12 Noon - 12 midnight

15 Mins: $195
30 Mins: $250
1 Hour: $350
2 Hour: $700
Dancing cage: $20 extra on regular rate
* Rates are all-inclusive. No hidden fees.

The Fox Den - Vancouver Escorts


We take pride in being Canada’s largest and most trusted name. The Fox Den first made its mark in 2004 as Canada’s sole reservation-only adult entertainment hideaway, and still enjoys that distinction today. We strongly believe that appointment-only visits, matched with the benefits our adult services business licence provides, not only ensures your enjoyment, but also your complete safety and privacy. Indeed, it’s always a fine day for a Fox Hunt. Canada's finest Huntress.

Full profiles may be enjoyed on the Carman Fox website.


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4717 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC. Open 7 days a week by appointment only.
IMPORTANT POLICY: for privacy, safety, and discretionary reasons, please refrain from cell phone use at all time while inside the Fox Den. Keep your phone away, inside your pocket. Taking photos and videos are strictly prohibited and violators will be banned / penalized.

We ask you to please provide 2 hours notice if you must cancel. A $125 dollar cancellation fee will apply if 2 hours notice is not provided.

We insist that everyone at the Fox Den be treated with the utmost respect. We believe in mutual satisfaction. That said, violence of any kind, foul language or abusive behaviour are not tolerated and may result in removal from the facility and possible legal action.

Our Foxes have the right to end your appointment, should she feel uncomfortable or unsafe during your session.

No person under the age of 19 is permitted entry. All persons must have government issued photo identification on his or her person at all times while in our facility. No exceptions. For your complete privacy we have chosen to not display exterior signs identifying our facility. User agreement.

Streaking Prohibited
While a certain level of decorum is suggested, our Foxes are known to sometimes “let their hair down” and resort to streaking. Should you encounter a Fox who has slipped out of her lingerie, simply remain calm so as to not elevate the situation. Trust your instincts and act accordingly. There are times when a streaking Fox is approachable.

Legal Notice
The Fox Den is affiliated with Carman Fox and Friends: Two separate companies under one legendary brand that can be trusted to deliver only the best in adult entertainment. As a result of this affiliation, You may notice joint advertising for both companies, however the services of an Escort are not provided at The Fox Den; we offer Body Rub services at the Fox Den. Many of our Foxes choose to work with both companies.

Carman Fox and Friends is licensed for out-call escort services within the greater Vancouver area. Additionally, they offer VIP travel engagements through our sister company, Pacific Escorts Inc.

"Body Rub"
The Fox Den is an ADULTS ONLY facility that provides Body Rub services. We are proud to be Canada's only by-reservation-only facility. We hold a unique licence that enables us to legally offer adult services. We do not provide therapeutic or spa-like massage services. Furthermore, nobody under the age of 19 may enter.


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